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Meet Our Volunteers this winter, 2022-2023

Napa Valley To Ukraine and The Hero Foundation, a Napa 501c3 have teamed up with our Ukrainian friends across five countries to offer a Wines for Ukraine fundraiser on line, and several events January through May. We hope to post volunteer bios later this year for our many Ukrainian volunteers especially!


History: Napa Valley to Ukraine quickly came together in February, 2022 when the Starr family of Yountville became part of the Ukraine war story along with their Ukrainian student friends. “We were concerned that full scale invasion was immanent so we all planned to get together to support each other the weekend of February 25-26, 2022. By the time our guests arrived at our house in Yountville, the Russians had already invaded. Our focus shifted immediately to helping Ukraine by hosting a rally and fundraiser that weekend. We haven’t stopped raising funds since” share Debbie and Andy Starr.”

Their son, Aaron Starr, age 25, had been living and working in Kyiv for about four years. Aaron and his Ukrainian girlfriend Anna, fled to Poland when the bombing began. They were able to come to California last summer when Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) visas became available. They are now part of the Napa Valley to Ukraine fundraising too.

Watch our Story from February, 2022

The Starr family visited Ukraine many times and fell in love with the people and the country as their son Aaron had. Many Jewish Americans including Debbie and Andy Starr trace their heritage to Ukraine. The Starrs had hoped to visit the towns their grandparents were from – they still have that hope. When the war is over, Aaron Starr and his girlfriend Anna intend to return to Kyiv to help the country rebuild and Debbie and Andy will surely be a part of this as well

Napa Valley To Ukraine Backstory