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Napa Valley To Ukraine
Debbie & Andy Starr, Viktoriia Honcharuk, Anastasiya Tokar, Kuma Warmuz, Victoria Stepanenko

NapaValley to Ukraine quickly came together after a local family became part of the Ukraine war story. Aaron Starr of Yountville had been living and working in Kyiv with Anna, his Ukranian girlfriend, for the past four years. On February 24th, Putin/Russia declared war on Ukraine and the world changed forever. The Alter-Starr family and their Ukranian connections immediately went to work to raise money for the people still in Ukraine and Ukranian refugees. (Thankfully, Aaron and Anna are safe now, living in Poland.)

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The Starr family visited Ukraine many times and fell in love with the people and their country. Aaron loved it so much, he stayed. It is both an ancient place and passionate new democracy fighting to survive. Many Jewish Americans in the US – including Andy – have Ukrainian heritage.

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