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Кристина Джолос

March 16th

Yesterday we left Mariupol under the shelling at our own risk, stayed the night in the field, in the gray zone, did not make it to the curfew, there was frost outside, thank God we are alive. They are alive to scream that everyone who stayed in Mariupol needs help. This is not a city of hero, this is a city of fear, death and horror.

!!!!!! We did not have a humanitarian convoy, no one took us out, there is no city administration in the city, we ran after cars under shelling, united into columns, glued the inscriptions children on the cars. I personally put my own son in the car to the sound of a flying shell in the next yard. No one saved us, we saved ourselves and God.

There is no connection in the city, no water, gas, ambulance, people with torn limbs bleed in the yards and no help, and these are peaceful people, our acquaintances and relatives. The dead are just caught on the spot, and the relatives can’t find them later. Most often, this happens when searching for water, queues at wells or while cooking soup on a fire.

!!!! Yes, we were collecting snow, melting it on a campfire and cooking pasta. My family was in the refuge of high school number two, three days ago a shell flew there, knocked out part of the windows, a woman in her hip was wounded with a scint, she was lying on the first floor of the high school all night and prayed to give her poison so that she would not feel pain, there is no one to take her to the hospital. Every day and every night there are fireworks, whistles, shaking walls and the horror of “where will it fly”

The survivor part of the 3rd city hospital works heroically, they are operating, they are saving. this woman was taken by a red cross within a day, may God grant her all is well. Two shells flew into my entrance, two into my yard, and the same man ripped off his leg with the same shell.

My mother Angela and three brothers Roman (16 years old), Vasya (11 years old) Vladislav stayed in the city center for 9 years, at home on the fifth floor. Mother-in-law Lyubov and mother-in-law Anatoly on the ninth floor, opposite the Moscow State University, where the houses to the 9th floor are cut with shackles.

There are almost no shelters in the city, there are not enough, no bunkers with ventilation, at best ground floors, my mom’s house has no one. People need to be taken out, women, children, elderly people, give them buses, green corridor, make an agreement!! I pray for the loved ones, every Mariupolian and Ukrainian soldier. The enemy came to us and left us no choice, but there is nothing more valuable than human life. It needs to end!!!!!!

no food, no medicine, if there is no snow with such urban fights, people will not be able to go out of water, people have no water left. Pharmacies, grocery stores – everything is robbed or burned, the dead are not taken out, the police recommends to the relatives of those who died of a natural death, to open the windows and lay the bodies on the balcony, and then take them to the house of prayer.

I know you think you understand, but you will never understand unless you were there. Now I can hear the sound of sirens and I’m not afraid because in Mariupol there was no power for 16 days and when planes were dropping bombs on us, we couldn’t even know it. I beg everyone to stop this!!!!!! If tanks protect the city standing in front of residential houses with people who then burn, then they are not protecting people. I do not understand war strategies, I pray with all my heart for Ukraine, but I do not understand why they destroy my relatives and my city.

I don’t know what will happen next, but I pray that this will not happen again in any of the cities of Ukraine and the world, and with no family and mother. A girl who gave birth to a baby in the hospital, where a shell flew in, pregnant, died in the same hospital, failed to give life, mother shaking in fear, covering her son in the hallway of each entrance to the sound of shaking windows, walls and flying shell, old man and, left without a chance to survive, wounded civilians, dying in the streets fighting.

They show you how houses burn, but they don’t show you how people burn. I need to burn myself to make you believe this shouldn’t continue!!!!??? I beg you to stop this. And let your heart choose life

This 21 day changed everyone, everything changed, so much now doesn’t matter and costs nothing, only if everyone left in the Mariupol hell wouldn’t shake in fear and horror

Praying for the people of Mariupol🙏

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