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Starr Family to Ukraine Support Fund#2

To meet urgent needs of friends and contacts in Ukraine defending their communities a second discretionary fund, Starr Family to Ukraine Fund #2 was recently set up. Visit our Starr Family to Ukraine Fund #1 (click this link) to learn how the initial $9,700 we raised from friends and community were spent. We also use these funds to support urgent needs of Ukrainian refugees in the greater bay area. It is the top priority for Aaron Starr to support Ukrainians defending their country. These donations are not tax deductible.

Please contact Debbie or Andy with any questions about this or other information at

Nova Ukraine

We continue to fundraise for Nova Ukraine, a volunteer run, Bay Area based nonprofit with little to no overhead supporting humanitarian services in Ukraine since 2014. Click here to donate to our account at Nova Ukraine that allows us to track funds raised. To set up your own fundraisers for Nova Ukraine that tracks your success in fundraising, click this link. All donations are US tax deductible and they have corporate matching. Visit their website, to read about the incredible work our funds raised through Nova Ukraine are supporting.

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