URGENT:  Help Us Help UKRAINE Now!

Napa Valley to Ukraine

CALL & WRITE Congressional Representative & Senators Today!

Watch our video above or Aaron’s video to learn more about why to ask elected representatives to push harder for these three things:

  1. Cease fire & humanitarian corridors to allow aid to get in and people to get out safely.  
  2. Close the sky over Ukraine to Russians (No-fly Zone.) Send the needed help for Ukrainians to do this themselves immediately if NATO nations will not help directly with this now.  
  3. Admit more Ukrainians and admit them faster with “tourist visas” and /or refugee status into the USA.  More later – this effects our family.

Napa County residents’ elected representatives: 

Congressman Mike Thompson: (707) 226-9898 / email
Senator Alex Padilla: (415) 981-9369 / email
Senator Diane Feinstein: (415) 393-0707 / email

Live elsewhere? Click here to find your members of the congress and senate.

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